What Incentive Does Microsoft Have to Get Anything Right?

When the dumb tech masses -- myself very much included -- will buy a company's products without doing sufficient due diligence, what incentive does any organization have to get things right? This appears to be the case with Microsoft, which reported booming profits last quarter. According to the The Times Online, "Sales of Windows Vista, the latest version of Microsoft’s dominant operating system buoyed quarterly profits at the world's largest software developer, easing misgivings over the company’s massive investment in the system ... The figures were also buoyed by sales of Office 2007, the software suite that includes stalwart applications such as Word and Excel."

As you know, I'm one of the idiots who had the misfortune of helping contribute to this windfall in Redmond. But I had no choice provided I stayed with Dell -- our choice machine around my small office environment -- since when I bought my latest notebook, Vista and Office 2007 were the only option (Dell has since gone back on this, allowing users to opt for XP).

At Sapphire, I was surprised how many folks in the blogging and development worlds that I talked to had made the decision to scrap Windows in favor of going Mac. Quite soon, I plan to join them. After all, unless enough of us hit back at Microsoft by holding back upgrades or moving to alternative operating environments, then what incentive does Microsoft have to get anything right the first time? Incidentally, at least Microsoft is now admitting that Outlook 2007 has latency issues (although in my experience, this new patch only mild accelerates things to performance levels that still lag Office 2003).

Jason Busch

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