Synergy Dispatch: Theresa Metty — Two for the Price of One

When it comes to conference keynotes, it's not often that you get two speeches for the price of one (either as an audience member paying with his time or a vendor paying with their dollars). But Theresa Metty -- who happens to be louder without a microphone in a sizable auditorium than most speakers with one -- does not always adhere to convention (which is something I guess I should have expected from someone who has set land speed records on a motorcycle).

In Theresa's first act, our speed demon tackled "the war on complexity" in procurement. What was most insightful about this presentation were Theresa's ideas and suggested actions for making a savings and risk reduction difference through driving to standardization in both the direct and indirect materials areas. For her second act, Theresa described how Sarbanes-Oxley can -- and should -- become a rallying cry for procurement to step up to the executive table. Tomorrow morning, I'll tackle the first of these presentations. And on Monday, check back for my notes and thoughts on the second!

Jason Busch

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