It's Alive … Well Almost

In the next few weeks, you'll be in for a treat (or a nightmare, depending on your perspective). After six months in development, Spend Matters is getting ready to launch the Beta version of Spend Matters Hub (our current project name which is subject to change). I'm hoping that it will be the first true Web 2.0 search and research destination for all things Spend Management. This project has been a close collaboration between Spend Matters (myself, Frank Russo and Kevin Brooks) and Siderean. We promise nothing less -- at least eventually -- than creating the ultimate search and community experience for our corner of the procurement and supply chain universe.

What will it look like? Imagine if you could search, scan and identify relationships between content in blogs, trade and business publications, vendor sites, analyst coverage / reports, and multiple supplier databases (e.g. ThomasNet) -- with just a few clicks in your browser. That's the vision, at least. And if we succeed, I promise that you'll cut down your Google usage ten-fold when it comes to procurement and supply chain research -- and we'll make your day much more productive in the process. So stay tuned ... things are about to get really interesting on the Spend Matters front. But don't worry about the blog. I'll keep publishing and writing it as always, with the same frequency and low standards you've come to expect 😉

Jason Busch

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