Synergy Dispatch: Tackling Non-Productive Spend (AKA Indirect)

I had the privilege of giving a presentation before Thomas Stallkamp last week at Synergy. For those who have had seen Stallkamp speak before, you'll appreciate the humor and wit in his comment about indirect spend. During his presentation on building collaborative -- but competitive -- supplier relationships, Stallkamp joked about the importance of indirect spend to the organization. He said it's often referred to as "non-production" spend, but perhaps the term "non-productive spend" might be more appropriate. Of course this was just his trademark wit speaking, as he immediately launched into some advantages of tackling indirect sourcing and supplier management initiatives. Still, I fully intend to use the phrase "non-productive spend" next time I'm in front of indirect purchasing directors and VPs just to see their reaction.

Jason Busch

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