An Impeccable Sapphire Wrap

I was planning on doing a wrap and final discussion of my Sapphire posts, but in the blogosphere, things sometimes move faster than even a dedicated blogger can keep up with. Which is exactly the case as Michael Lamoureux has already done an impeccable job summarizing the blog and analyst world's reaction to Sapphire (a task I had planned to do). I count no less than a few dozen links in his summary post to virtually every online citation and commentary of importance about the event as it pertains to SRM (and beyond, to some degree, as well). Nice work, Michael.

I sometimes forget about the power with which one can move to aggregate information and distributed content in this new 2.0 world. As many of you know, one of my main projects at the moment is to launch a web service which will do at least part of this in a completely automated fashion for all things procurement and supply chain. Yet, I doubt we'll ever get to the point where a system can replace the finally tuned analysis -- remember it's what is filtered out or excluded as much as what is included -- of a blogger or commentator who has some time on their hand to dedicate to the same effort. Still, we're going to try.

Jason Busch

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