Nails Picks i2

Growing up in Philadelphia -- no jokes please, I've heard them all already -- made me a Phillies fan for life. When the team finally got its grove back with rag-tag, tobacco-chewing stars such as Lenny Dykstra and others in the nineties, I could not believe my eyes when they started to win again. But like all relative low-budget baseball franchises, the team could not afford to keep many of its newfound stars for long.

"Nails," as Dykstra was known, eventually parted with the team and is now cited a retired New York Met by the press. In fact, I was recently reminded by this travesty in an article in Supply Chain Digest which referred to the former Phillies (and Mets star) who has now turned into a stock picker, financial manager, and columnist. So who does Dykstra like these days? I2, it turns out. SCD notes that "to ex-New York Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra, now columnist for, the stock is a solid buy" at its current levels. Hmmm ... one wonders if Dykstra has ever conducted an analysis of the snuff supply chain.

Jason Busch

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