Rethinking reSource

Lisa Reisman and I spent the past couple of days slumming it in Indianapolis, the scene of that car race and the far more famous software user conference for that soon-to-be-household name: Iasta. In all seriousness, the event brought together a good mix of users (junior managers to executives) for a range of discussions and lectures that went far beyond e-sourcing. I'll be writing up some of my findings from the event in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned! Incidentally, it was my first time in downtown Indianapolis and I've got to say that I preferred it to my time in Pittsburgh. The downtown has a good, alive vibe to it (and what seems like a brew-pub on every block).

One of the highlights of the event for me was catching up with BIQ's Eric Strovink. He even showed me his "Vista" notebook, which he claims he had to buy to test their application on. But Eric gets a second use out of the box as well. He also uses it as their beater demo notebook for travelling since knocking it around can only improve the crappy OS and Office performance. And maybe even fix the broken Excel calculations in Office 2007 (which I'll leave to Eric to explain) ...

Jason Busch

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