One Perspective: Why Pilots can be Self-Defeating

Quick, what's the easiest way to give naysayers a chance to thwart your efforts? Arguably, the worst thing you can do to artificially slow down a transformation is dipping your organizational toes in the water before fully submerging yourself. In other words, avoid pilot efforts at all costs!

Need proof why? Tim Minahan recently posted a great entry on the subject over at Supply Excellence. He draws a wonderful analogy between some of Prime Minister Thatcher's experiences at deregulation and making the UK government machine smaller with the case of one CPO moving too slow to make change stick.

In Tim's words, the example proves "a cautionary tale for other supply management groups launching improvement initiatives. Making change happen requires a clear vision and full commitment. As Prime Minister Thatcher learned, tip-toeing into transformation arms the naysayers, giving them ample opportunity to stall or thwart your improvement plans." So if you can avoid it, never, ever do a pilot to prove value, as company curmudgeons will always be able to interpret the results to suit their interests versus yours.

Jason Busch

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