Leaving for Ariba LIVE

As you read this, I'm flying on a Southwest flight somewhere over the midwestern corn fields on my way to Ariba LIVE. I'm very much looking forward to this year's event, as it will give me a good chance to catch up with many old colleagues from my FreeMarkets' days. Believe it or not, a number of folks are still left -- or have returned -- to Ariba. My old friend and Ariba's head of PR and communications, Karen Master, is trying to keep me on a short leash, although she knows full well that bloggers can't be herded (prodded with expensive booze and contraband cigars, maybe, but coerced into covering news with her spin in mind, most definitely not ;-). In all seriousness, if you're going to be at the event and want to connect, please feel to drop a line. And if you're wondering what I'm planning on digging into this year at LIVE, check back tomorrow morning -- or late tonight, if I'm still standing -- for my kick-off post on the event.

Jason Busch

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