LIVE Dispatch: Not Quite Live, From LIVE

I've only been in Boca since last night, but already LIVE has been a great chance to catch up with many old faces. The only glitch is yet another Vista problem which is preventing me from getting online with my machine (it even stumped a small army of Ariba technical resources who volunteered to help out with it). It seems the only answer to the solution without continuing to hit my head against the wall is to go Mac -- something I'm going to investigate more seriously than ever before after when I return home. I've finally concluded that enough is enough. Why should I "downgrade" to ten year old XP technology when there's already a superior alternative which has fewer file compatibility issues than Office 2007?

Enough of my rant ... until I finally make the change after this trip, I'm going to find ways to steal computing power and bandwidth from others, keeping everyone in the loop on the comings and goings of the event (though some posts might be delayed until later this week, when I can use a replacement machine). This morning, I'm planning on listening into the general session, including catching a business and technical update on Ariba. And later today, I'll be sitting in on a panel with Supply and Demand Chain Executive's Andy Reece. So stay tuned ... functioning notebook or not, Spend Matters will not go down!

Jason Busch

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