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I was trolling about Purchasing's site last week and saw that they're getting serious about blogging -- or at least starting to investigate its possibilities. So far, they've recruited a number of practitioners and consultants into the fray. To date, I'd say the verdict on the content is mixed -- as it is with most blogs. I have high hopes for Walter Buczynski's blog, in particular. Walter brings a great global perspective on various topics and I've liked his other posts over the years.

Here are a few pieces of advice for Purchasing:

1) Focus on quality over quantity. A handful of blogs that are exceptionally well thought out and written will deliver far more value (as measured by readership and advertising revenue) than the alternative.

2) Don't just invite outsiders to play a role -- have the core editorial staff blog as well. Take a lesson from outstanding Tech Blogger / Photographer / Guru / Editor Dan Farber at ZD Net who writes an exceptional blog (in addition to having a broader set of leadership responsibilities with ZD Net overall.)

3) Don't hide the blogs. Put them front and center on the homepage.

4) Embrace the rest of the blogosphere. Don't treat us as "competitors" for online advertising revenue or mindshare. We're all highly collaborative, and we look forward to working with you if you want to work with us.

I'm excited to begin to track Purchasing's entrance into the blogosphere. There's great potential here if they adapt the right model, approach and attitude towards it.

Jason Busch

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