Understanding More about Orbian / Ariba

AMR Research subscribers can access a recently posted brief by Mickey North Rizza and Laura McCaughey that examines in detail the value proposition of the Ariba / Orbian partnership. If you're curious about the deal, the research note is absolutely essential reading.

The more I read and think about this news, the more it feels like Ariba should acquire Orbian if the partnership works out. If the network -- or the network platform -- is the future of Ariba, then core capabilities such as financing will be critical to own. I also have a feeling that if Ariba can adequately market the Orbian capabilities to their user base, then they could become not only the largest channel for the supply chain finance pure-play, but the driver of the majority of its overall volume. But as with everything in the software world, strong execution -- especially with partnerships -- is easier said than done.

Jason Busch

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