A Gluttonous Memorial Day Week

If my writing is a bit sluggish in the coming days or if you begin to pick up food metaphors on this blog, it's because I'm spending too much of my time this week eating and drinking my way through some of the best food and wine in Chicago. Tomorrow, I'm taking fellow foodie -- and former chef -- Paul Martyn out to Moto, a restaurant which brings probably the most scientific approach to creating "food science" that I've seen anywhere. Last time I was there, I got a kick-out of the edible menu and vanilla-bean scented wine glass -- they created the scent through pointing an industrial strength laser at the vanilla bean -- among other clever details. We're planning on twenty courses this time around, so Wednesday might be a late day into the office (and maybe a later than usual morning post).

And on Friday -- after some more pedestrian dining experiences with friends and clients in between -- we’re wrapping up the week at a French wine dinner at a downtown city club featuring some great Bordeaux vintages with some close friends. What a week! Before the multiple -- and sometimes same day -- banquets I faced in China when visiting suppliers last year, I would not be prepared for such gluttony. But now I'm ready. Perhaps, if our stomachs can take it, we'll even wrap the weekend with a contraband fois gras dog at Hot Doug’s as we debate global supply risk. And maybe even next week's diet ...

Jason Busch

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