Chrysler Names New Procurement Head — More Carrot and Less Stick?

Over on Global CPO, Doug Smock has the scoop that Chrysler has named Simon Boag to the role of Executive VP, Procurement and Supply for Chrysler. According to Smock, Boag is a "Chrysler guy that Stuttgart really liked." Boag will succeed Peter Rosenfeld who had moved "Chrysler purchasing toward closer supplier relationships after a period of more short-sighted purchasing leadership from Thomas Sidlik, who still retains his board of management position at Daimler."

In my view, Boag is inheriting an organization that is still viewed by most suppliers as closer to GM in tactics than Honda or Toyota. If he has any hopes of playing a key role in turning around Chrysler, he'll need to focus on deploying a supply partnering strategy that focuses on both collaboration and competition. This will enable Chrysler to tap new areas of supplier-driven innovation and joint-cost-take out related savings rather than simply trying to get blood by hammering a stone that's already been shattered one too many times.

Jason Busch

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