Flag Flying Fiscal Discipline

As someone who usually believes that smaller government is best -- except when it comes to legislating mandatory strategic sourcing processes for its own agencies -- I got a chuckle over this story that a Central Florida Town could not afford to hire someone to put the flag up on Memorial Day. According to the story, "The decision has angered some area residents, but a county spokeswoman said the decision is about finances not being unpatriotic ... The spokeswoman said the county doesn't have enough money to pay someone to come out on holiday weekends to raise and lower the flags." Hmmmm ... next thing you'll know, they'll blame outsourcing and offshoring for their lower tax base. Personally, I think our founding fathers would have cared more about government frugality than a show of patriotism (especially when it was taxpayer funded). Hat-tip: The Cynical Sorcerer.

Jason Busch

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