A LIVE Wrap: From the Mainstage … (Part 1)

It's taken me a couple of weeks to work through various dispatches from LIVE that I thought were worth sharing with the Spend Matters community. But I'm finally done ... well, almost. In today's post(s), I thought it would be valuable to highlight some of the key numbers that Ariba brought up during the mainstage "word from our sponsor" keynote. All of these are obviously self-serving, so take them for what you think they're worth (and if there are any competitors who have numbers they want to share, feel free to post a comment).

I'll divide up this information into two posts. The first will focus on Ariba's reported numbers and metrics based on volume, customers, etc. The second -- which I'll post later today -- will tackle customer adoption and success metrics with various products and initiates. Let's begin.

At LIVE, Ariba claimed they have enriched over $120 billion in spend to identify savings opportunities (I know Emptoris claims a higher number from what I recall). From a sourcing standpoint, Ariba is claiming they have sourced $250 billion -- I'm not sure if this is annually or in total -- and has identified $15 billion in savings annually. They also let it slip that they have 120 contract management customers.

In addition, Ariba claims that they are managing $42 billion in spend every quarter (my guess is that this number is referencing eProcurement volume). Along similar lines, Ariba is processing 51,000 POs daily and 3.6 million invoices annually (representing $11.1 billion).

From an international standpoint, Ariba is working with over 130,000 suppliers in 115 countries and conducting business in 65 currencies. In the past year, they claim to have added 18,132 new suppliers. And network volume is nearing $100 million a year (as of LIVE, it stood at $90 billion).

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post when I tackle Ariba customer metrics later today. And after that, I promise: no more Ariba for quite some time!

Jason Busch

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