China Retaliates Against Pet Food / Toothpaste US Witch Hunts

In recent weeks, Chinese exports including toothpaste and pet food -- more specifically, ingredients that go into pet food -- have been destroyed in many Western countries out of fear they were contaminated with dangerous chemicals during the production process. But now, China appears to be retaliating. According to an Associated Press dispatch, "Raisins and health supplements imported from the United States failed to meet Chinese safety standards and have been returned or destroyed, the country's food safety agency said Friday. The move comes as China itself faces international criticism, especially in the United States, over a series of scandals that have plagued Chinese food, drugs and other products from poisoned cough syrup to tainted toothpaste and pet food."

Personally, I have a difficult time believing that this is anything but a tactic designed to make the Chinese people feel good about the superiority -- or parity -- of their own products and produce with those of the West. Anyone in the CPG / food business knows full well that US quality standards are significantly higher than what is enforced in China. Why? While China's on-paper standards may be quite stringent, good luck trying to find a non-corrupt inspector.

Jason Busch

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