JP Massin's Cross-Border Marriage: Ariba and Alibaba?

I got a chuckle when I read about JP Massin's suggested cross-border marriage of Ariba and Alibaba. Without question if such a deal were to ever transpire, it would not exactly be a marriage. It would be something like the widowed 40 something soon-to-be-spinster shacking up with a young hot shot with more style and money than substance. And I'd reckon that if it were to happen, the 40 something would end up dying on the operating table after her 12th plastic surgery in just as many days (paid for by the new hubby).

In all seriousness, Ariba might some day be a target for an unconventional suitor. According to Massin, Alibaba is "the world's largest online B2B marketplace for global and domestic China trade with over 20 million registered members in more than 200 countries and territories". And its total revenue should hit "US$1.25 billion by 2009" as it "broadens its services, giving it more revenue streams in two to three years ... [in such areas as] payment, logistics as well as services." Hmmm ... maybe Ariba might not be such a bad fit after all. Just get ready for some major nip and tuck if it ever does transpire.

Jason Busch

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