E-Sourcing Wiki Hits the Toddler Phase

While I doubt its traffic is approaching the most famous Wiki of all, Wikipedia, David Bush's pet Wiki project, E-Sourcing Wiki, is quietly piling on large quantities of new and updated content that would prove invaluable for anyone researching the sourcing space. And the best part about it is if you disagree with it, go ahead and edit it! That's the power of a Wiki. On Spend Matters and other blogs, your only power as a reader is to post a comment -- which is far better than in the old media world -- but on a Wiki, readers have access to edit documents and content on the site (one caveat on E-Sourcing Wiki is that some third party contributed pieces are locked).

Overall, I can't commend David and Iasta enough for taking the plunge and starting this effort. But if it is going to expand to a level where it becomes a standard reference in the Spend Management world, others will have to join in and hold up the virtual torch as well. While I can vouch for the fact that nearly all of the content in it is vendor neutral, because the Wiki is run by Iasta, other providers might question why they should get involved. For this reason, perhaps E-Sourcing Wiki might want to open up the sponsorship of it to any parties who want to get involved (or even offer sponsor slots up for free for those solution providers who agree to contribute in a neutral way).

Food for community thought, I suppose. Still, regardless of this little RSS bug, I'm a convert. And you should be too -- even though the Wiki concept is still a bit wobbly in a world where even business blogs have not yet crossed into a mainstream audience.

Jason Busch

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