Blogs Should be More Than an Afterthought

Personally, I've quite enjoyed a number of articles in Purchasing of late. I also like the fact they're pushing forward on the blog front (even though so far the content has been scattershot and they hide the links to the blogs far down on the landing page). But I still contend that if Purchasing is to fully embrace the blogosphere, that its editors should not hide behind the RSS shield of industry practitioners who've actually done procurement for a living (and or related sourcing consulting). In fact, I'd welcome their own editors' participation, dialogue and perspective, even if they're journalists and columnists first and experts second. But until this happens, we'll have to make do with their current cadre of eclectic bloggers. One of these is Mary Walker, who is a purchasing agent for Hagemeyer North America. I've enjoyed a number of her posts of late -- and she updates quite frequently -- and would recommend you check her work. A recent post offers a great primer on getting Purchasing updates via RSS -- something I do already, and you should, too.

Jason Busch

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