Gets the Scoop On Cessna: One Year Late

Despite my earlier post this week that praised Purchasing's content of late, one piece I had to chuckle at recently -- a great article in fact -- was on supplier development at Cessna. Why am I laughing? Because Purchasing got the scoop on Cessna's develop of a key central European supplier, PZL Swidnik, nearly a year after I wrote about the same subject. Not a week, not a month, but a year. I mean, not to rub this in anyone's face, but aren't reporters supposed to get scoop like this before us bloggers (or at least at the same time)? Well, at least the good news is that the article is well researched -- it goes beyond my blog entry in scope -- and is a great example for companies to model their own supplier development efforts on. Still, I believe that we need new examples, not old, to contribute to everyone's learning efforts in the sector. And as the trade with the widest distribution and largest editorial budget in the sector, Purchasing should take the lead with new angles, scoops and practitioner examples.

Jason Busch

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