Moving to Short Text RSS

After much deliberation, I've decided to move to short text RSS. Why? There have been a number of blog aggregation and related sites of late that have been ripping off the entire full-text of the Spend Matters RSS feed without sending traffic my way. In one case that put me over the edge, a vendor ended up quoting one of these sites in their own marketing material rather than Spend Matters for a post that I wrote on this blog. Because of this, I've decided to move to short text rss. When I implement this change in the coming week or so, it will require that those reading Spend Matters via a RSS reader to now click through to the actual post to finish reading it. I know, I know ... I'm not happy about this either, but I'm even less excited about other sites ripping off my posts for their own commercial benefit. Flame away ...

Jason Busch

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