What are Those Italian Suppliers Smoking?

Given that I've taken a somewhat focused interest in the environment of late -- especially as it relates to sustainable global sourcing strategies in emerging markets -- you might think that I'd limit myself to looking at the environment in Asia in these virtual pages. Guess again. Now I'll admit that Rome is not exactly a place that tops my list as a hub for low-cost suppliers and bad air quality. However, the fact that there's so much pot and cocaine pollution in the air above the city is fascinating in and of itself (and I thought all that haze came from old Alfas and Vespers). According to the AP wire report linked above, a study of Rome air quality found "traces of cocaine and cannabis -- as well as nicotine, caffeine and benzopirene, which is commonly released in cigarette smoke and auto emissions." Hmmm ... one wonders what those Italian suppliers are smoking. Hat-tip: Tony Poshek.

Jason Busch

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