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Phil Fersht, a long time expert and pundit in the procurement outsourcing world, recently launched his own blog that covers a range of outsourcing topics. Not one to be shy with opinions, he recently offered up some strong ideas questioning the validity of one ranking study that examined the top "accounts payable outsourcing vendors". According to Phil, a number of providers did not make the list -- who should have -- like "Genpact, ACS, InfosysBPO (Progeon), WNS, VWA, CGI, etc". The problem with lists like these, Phil argues, is that they "can appear credible, but if you actually have some domain knowledge you quickly see that these rankings and selections of vendors make little sense."

Perhaps the greatest thing about the blogosphere in the business world is the ability of bloggers like Phil to call bullshit on so called "expert sources" of information. For the first time, we have the ability to keep others honest. And that, my readers, is our biggest contribution to the world of research and information. Sure, sometimes we might have original ideas (I'd like to think more often than not, in fact). But by policing others and offering candid, unbiased opinions and critiques, we provide a very unique service. And that's more than worth your time!

Jason Busch

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