At Aberdeen, Jamie Bedard's Departure is Official

It's been an interesting week of comings and goings. Tony Blair, a politician whom I respect quite a bit -- at least as much as I can respect a labour PM -- has left office in the UK. And closer to home, Jamie Bedard's departure from Aberdeen is now official as well. This is part of the email he sent to his clients earlier today noting his official departure:

"Over the past 4 years I have had the distinct privilage [sic] to be a part of re-building and growing Aberdeen Group into a strong leader of fact based research. The relationships and people that helped us grow Aberdeen from a failing research firm to a force in the market have been the key element of that success.

I wanted to personally thank you for the support, guidance and occaisional [sic] kick in the pants that helped shape that success. It is truely [sic] your efforts that have made a difference. We have assembled the finest research content and analysts in the market thanks to your help. Aberdeen is still a work in process as it grows into a long lasting research brand that matters. Last fall, we completed a very successful merger with Harte-Hanks which provides Aberdeen with the global platform and resources necessary to finish the growth over the years to come. The transition has been a complete success.

Aberdeen continues to grow and expand aggressively. It is now time that I turn over the leadership responsibility to others on the team to drive the next 4 years and beyond. Today is my last day at Aberdeen. Steve Gold and David Southwick will very successfully drive that next step forward for Aberdeen ..."

Personally, I wish Aberdeen the best of luck in the post-Jamie era. Aberdeen has done a great job to further the Spend Management cause under the tenure of some great analysts in recent years. I sincerely hope they keep it up. But my big question -- which for this sector is more important than Jamie's departure -- is what will become of Aberdeen's Spend Management coverage and expertise given Vance Checkett's departure as a full-time analyst?

Jason Busch

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