Full Spend Matters Coverage: The China Sourcing Controversy

Over the next couple of days on Spend Matters, you're going to see aggressive coverage on the future of China Sourcing. Because of significant VAT export rebate changes and what appears to be a smear campaign in the major US and Canadian media against China quality and safety in the past couple of weeks, the future of China sourcing looks uncertain. But will these changes and news impact your business directly? Along with my coverage, I'll be joined by a number of experts in the field who will try to answer a number of questions which I'm already being asked by Spend Matters readers (a number of whom who have been running around frantically interpreting the changes in the past few days before it impacts their total cost bottom line).

In this series of posts, we'll try to tackle a number of questions. Should companies continue to pursue China sourcing aggressively? Will you face price increases from China going forward? Should procurement and supply chain teams look to implement new supplier quality and performance management programs with their Chinese supply base? These are just a few of the questions we'll begin to tackle in this Spend Matters mini-series. And in addition, we'll provide background information on what's really going on from a factual perspective (e.g., commodities impacted, specific cost increases, etc.). So stay tuned. We promise to make Spend Matters a critical stop for information and insight on what's really going on in the region so that you can make the best decisions as you evaluate if China still makes sense as the centerpoint of your global sourcing strategy.

Jason Busch

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