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I've got admit, I chuckled a bit when I came across this announcement noting that Ariba is getting into the podcasting game (OK, "game" might be an overstatement at this point considering the announcement notes only one podcast -- it's really more like the first pitch in the first inning). Still, when Ariba, a more conservative and older vendor, starts podcasting, you know that the podcasting marketing and thought leadership medium is finally starting to really catch hold.

Other upstarts in the Spend Management world like Nextance have been podcasting for some time. And Tim Minahan's and my podcast, Supply Now, has helped bring attention to Tim's employer as a thought leader in the sourcing and related markets. Let's hope this trend continues with other vendors as well since there's no better way to pass an hour in the car or an airplane than listening to relevant podcasts.

Incidentally, the podcast Ariba announced highlights new research that they contracted CFO to carry out that focuses on finance’s view of procurement. It's good stuff. You can read my previous write-up on it here. In my post analyzing the research report, I noted that "finance desperately wants to more effectively govern and exert influence outside the four walls into the supply community. But the function is hamstrung by a lack of tools, processes and systems to make this vision a reality. Hence, finance's burning platform for procurement really is improving the quality of information to support the optimal set of business decision making." Perhaps they could do with more podcasts on the subject to learn more about the actions they should take!

Jason Busch

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