Massin Gets the Scoop: CorMine Acquires Perfect

JP Massin beat me to breaking the news that CorMine is buying Perfect Commerce (I was sworn to secrecy by an outside source close to the deal a few weeks back). JP Massin wrote on July 4th that while, "the news is not yet publicly released, it ... [will be] 'internally' official in a couple of days." For those who don't know CorMine -- and my knowledge of them is admittedly patchwork -- they managed to reach $84 million in revenue in 2006, according to Massin's post (thanks in large part to their close relationship with IBM).

I look forward to covering the news as it unfolds in the coming weeks and becomes official. Clearly, CorMine will have significant work cut out for it as it continues down the massive product rationalization path with Perfect's eclectic solution suite that John Sharman and his colleagues were forced to embark on when they took over from Sandy Kemper (who nearly lassoed them there calf into the ground during his ego-filled tenure). And yes, if you were wondering, Perfect was one of the vendors that I referenced in this post in early June.

Jason Busch

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