ISM and Others Fall Behind in Asia

Thanks in part to strong regional growth the Asia-based Global Supply Chain Council (which used to be known as the China Supply Chain Council) is booming. According to a recent press release, the five-year old group has risen to "become the largest and the most famous reputable supply chain professional organization in Asia ... representing almost 500 paid corporate members and a community of some 10,000 companies and several hundred thousand employees. the Council strives to serve its members and the general interests of the supply chain profession in Asia." Given that Asia is such a huge collection of separate markets, it's not surprising that this China-based group has been able to expand its tentacles in so many directions.

But what is noteworthy is how this organization is thumbing its nose at other industry groups. The organization's founder, Max Henry, claims that "whether they like it or not, other organizations like the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the SCOR Supply Chain Council, The Association for Operations Management (APICS), Institute for Supply Management (ISM), The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) have already lost the battle here in China ... these organizations have historically done a poor job in expanding outside their home market, and they provide very little benefits and activities and nearly no local support to leading companies operating in Asia."

Even though this is obviously the competitive posturing of one individual, I'm not surprised that all the big names have fallen flat in the race for the wild east in comparison. After all, at places like ISM, you need to submit a speaking prospectus nearly one year in advance of their annual conference. In China time, that's about ten years.

Jason Busch

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