A Last Minute Webinar: What's Really Going on in China

I'm moderating a last minute webinar later this week on Friday at 11:00 EST that will examine what's really going on with China prices and China quality. I'll be joining James Jim, MFG.com's GM of China, Mitch Free, MFG.com's Founder and CEO, and Lisa Reisman, of Aptium Global, as we explain what's going on from an on-the-ground perspective in China, what categories will be impacted by rising China prices, and how companies can better think about China in the context of global sourcing. Personally, I can't believe that rising China prices are not hitting the mainstream news in the US and Europe yet (it seems we can't get enough of the quality and safety concerns, though). This is a huge deal right now in Shanghai, and it's the talk about many IPO operations in the region. If you're curious to learn more about what's really going on, this is one webinar you're not going to want to miss.

Here are the topics we'll cover on the webinar:

- The impact of the VAT rebate changes on Chinese export prices for manufactured products

- What companies can do to proactively address coming price increases from China for current programs

- How to think about new China sourcing and global sourcing initiatives

- What might come next? What can we expect from the Chinese government?

- Impact of high commodity volatility on the "China price"

- Concepts on how to develop and work with Chinese suppliers to jointly reduce costs that are controllable

- What the headlines aren't telling you: the real state of China quality and safety

If you want to learn more about the inside track on what's really going on in China -- and how it will impact your global sourcing efforts -- I hope you'll join us! This is one webinar that I'm really stoked to be a part of. If you can't make it, I'll be posting links to the archived version after it's over.

Jason Busch

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