BP: Making Recruits Productive Fast

In a recent edition of the ISM publication, Inside Supply Management, there's an article worth reading that examines BP’s procurement on-boarding process. But in this case, the on-boarding is of internal talent, not suppliers. With the addition of new specific programs aimed at bringing young talent up to speed more quickly, "new university recruits entering BP's Refining & Marketing procurement organization are able to achieve 24 months of experience in one year.” According to one source inside BP, “the benefits go beyond just financial, however, and include the accelerated training and development of the university recruits, as well as the acceleration in their confidence and understanding of BP sourcing processes and skill sets."

It's a shame that the article does not go into very much detail on the specific training and immersion steps within the program. If Inside Supply Management wanted to be really useful in this regard, they should take a card from Baseline Magazine's deck of tricks. For those who don't know Baseline, the trade publication offers outstanding how-to case studies which are absolutely invaluable. Incidentally, I was chatting with a local Chicago procurement executive earlier in the month who said the only publication he keeps around on his desk to reference for future use is Baseline.

Jason Busch

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