Supply Now Edition 6: Outsourcing, Chinese Product Safety and Beyond …

Just about every month, I've come to really look forward to recording Supply Now, the podcast series that Tim Minahan and I co-host together. Unlike webinars and other tightly scripted online media formats, podcasts afford us the opportunity to go unplugged -- to debate and discuss topics without a script in hand. This is fun stuff in my book. But we were not always this comfortable with the virtual microphone. In fact, when we first started recording the series, both Tim and I did not know what to expect. Just as if it were a webinar, both of us prepared detailed speaking notes for much of the first podcast. But by the second or third episode, we both realized that the parts we enjoyed the most to listen to were those that were unscripted. Hence, this is the direction we decided to go in.

In the latest edition, Tim and I reached out to interview sourcing and outsourcing expert Sarah Pfaff. In our chat, Sarah shared her thoughts with us on a number of outsourcing topics including the rise -- and challenges -- of procurement outsourcing. In the rest of this month's edition, Tim and I debated -- among other issues -- the media craze around China quality and safety concerns. And we also read a letter from a listener suggesting that a move to restrict imports would make us all safer (we disagreed with some of this logic in the pursuing discussion). So don't waste another minute without hearing this month's edition. Download the sixth edition of Supply Now, now!

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