Mark Hillman Moves on From AMR

When it comes to supply risk research in the industry analyst world, AMR's Mark Hillman near single handily carried the torch for the past couple of years (outside of occasional analyses by Aberdeen). But yesterday, AMR announced internally that Mark was leaving. It turns out Mark will be continuing to carry out research on technology and services companies, but this time, he'll be doing it from a financial perspective, as a sell-side analyst (the giant sucking sound from a Wall Street firm, dangling bonuses large enough to buy a garage load of M3s might have played a part ... 😉

I have no doubt Mark will do an outstanding job in his new career focus, but most important for Spend Matters readers, I have little doubt you have much to fear about someone else at AMR picking up the supply risk coverage area. As I learn more about who will be covering supply risk -- and what their research agenda will be -- you can be sure I'll be sharing it with Spend Matters readers. I suspect short-term, that Mickey North Rizza and Jane Barrett will be picking up the coverage from a sourcing and procurement perspective, while the rest of the AMR team supply chain team will also pitch in as well. Incidentally, if you're curious about AMR's research direction in the Spend Management area, I'll be writing a detailed entry which you'll be able to see next week on where they're headed.

In my view, the research future looks bright for AMR -- and their clients -- as the team breaks new ground in some fascinating areas. Mark is obviously an individual who can't be replaced, but I have little doubt that AMR will stop covering the supply risk space, simply because it's a topic that is critically important for their clients. I have some conversations planned with the AMR team on this subject for later today, and I'll let Spend Matters readers know what I find out.

Jason Busch

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