Food Safety Concerns: China's Not the Main Problem

It was good to see The New York Times picking up on the fact food safety concerns extend beyond Chinese imports. According to an article from last week, "at a time when Chinese imports are under fire for being contaminated or defective, federal records suggest that China is not the only country that has problems with its exports ... In fact, federal inspectors have stopped more food shipments from India and Mexico in the last year than they have from China, an analysis of data maintained by the Food and Drug Administration shows." The article also notes that "federal inspectors refused produce from the Dominican Republic and candy from Denmark more often" than from China ... [Imports from the Dominican Republic alone were] stopped 817 times last year, usually for containing traces of illegal pesticides."

Right around the same time as the NYT article, according to a piece on CNN, President Bush announced plans to launch "a high-level government panel to recommend steps to guarantee the safety of food and other products shipped into the United States and to improve U.S. policing of those imports." Let's hope that our aspiring-free-trading-President -- at least when his special interest lobbies don't get in the way -- had other countries in mind besides China when dreaming up this latest Federal effort. Hat tip: Tony Poshek and Lisa Reisman.

Jason Busch

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