China Sourcing: The Wholesale/Distributer Perspective

If you're curious to examine China sourcing and global trade issues from a wholesale/distributer perspective, I'd strongly recommend checking out Adam Fein's blog on the subject. Adam runs a boutique consultancy that focuses downstream of much of the sourcing and supply chain discussions on Spend Matters, but his thoughts and analyses are just as relevant for those looking at Spend Management from a holistic perspective as the words on these virtual pages.

In a recent above-linked post, Adam examined the China quality and supplier performance situation from a downstream perspective, offering some worthwhile commentary along with links to a number of other articles. Incidentally, Adam and I share graduate degrees from The University of Pennsylvania, a school not exactly known for its supply chain leadership. But if Morris Cohen over at MCA continues to drum up attention for his venture, that might change things. Watch out Arizona State, Michigan State, Georgia Tech and MIT! Penn/Wharton's name is on the rise in supply chain ...

Jason Busch

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