Aravo Gets Some Green (Cash, That Is)

Yesterday, I had a quick chat with Aravo's Tim Albinson about his company's latest funding round. Aravo was able to raise $10 million from largely individual investors, which I suspect, given Tim's I-Banking background, was a way to maximize the preservation of equity for the current investors and management team, while also giving as many individual heavy hitters in the capital markets a stake as possible (including a retired Chairman from Goldman Sachs). In my view, this funding round is great news for the sector, as it shows continued investor interest. But as important, it shows the ability of an entrepreneur and his leadership team to circumvent traditional Series B or Series C funding with the "vulture capital" firms who are increasingly insisting on onerous terms. BTW ... The "Part 2" of my original post on Aravo is still in the works (you can find Part 1 by clicking on this post if you're interested). So stay tuned!

Jason Busch

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