What Does "Locally Sourced" Mean to You?

A week or so back, I suggested that market interest was rising for "locally sourced" products. But how can we exactly define local sourcing? It's not something that you can put a discrete measurement on like, say, an "organic" product or one that has been produced in a factory that follows certain quality and production procedures (e.g., ISO). Apparently, this very question has come up already in the UK at Tesco, which, according to an article that Tony Poshek tipped me off to in the office the other day, "is selling milk branded as 'local' despite being produced 150 miles away." Tesco is going so far to position the "Localchoice" product to customers as "helping support their local farming community". But what's the rub you ask. The so-called local milk is produced in "Lincolnshire and Derbyshire" -- around 150 miles away. How local is that? Well, that's for each individual to decide, I suppose.

Jason Busch

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