Vendor Compliance Alert: No Crocs!

Over on Vendor Compliance Andy Monin has the scoop that suppliers can no longer wear Crocs in at least one hospital system. What are Crocs you ask? Well, if you ask Andy, they're "the required footwear of suburbanites and campers across the nation." But if you ask a cheap dad like me, they're an overpriced, overgrown plastic injection molded shoe that should cost half the amount for adults and one quarter the amount for kids that they actually do. And they're also dangerous to the toes -- and the wallet -- as they have lots of little holes in front, which, in theory, are designed to be filled in with plastic inserts that you also pay out the nose for. In other words, crocs aren't something you want your kids wearing, let alone your supplier's employees as they wander the syringed-filled halls of the local ER. The good news -- sarcasm noted -- is that VendorMate customers were finally alerted to this piece of news in their online system, albeit after the fact: "we had planned to have coders burning the midnight oil to deliver this enhancement in our next update, but the Croc company has beat us to the safety punch." Better late than never, I suppose 😉

Jason Busch

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