China Sourcing VAT Changes: A Complete Translated List

When it comes to China sourcing insight, who says you can't get something for nothing? has now made available a complete translated list of the thousands of commodity code classifications impacted by the recent VAT rebate changes for free. That's right. There's no need to build a six figure relationship with your favorite Big 5 tax practice to get the complete information translated into English. I must admit some of these translations are a bit humorous (thanks to the depth of the code structure). For example, it's good to know that the VAT rebate has been cancelled for "Wild Asses in Imminent Danger" (Code: 0101909010).

Over on's China Sourcing Center you can download these recently translated documents. Or you can click the links below to go directly to the information.

Overview of Affected Products

Products with Lowered Rebates

Products with Cancelled Rebates

Products that are Duty Free

Kudos to for translating this list and putting it out there for free -- and without requiring people to register. When it comes to global sourcing, knowledge and transparency is power. And information like this puts global sourcing professionals in the driver's seat to keep Chinese suppliers honest about price increases for wild asses -- and everything else for that matter.

Jason Busch

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