"Si', me llamo es Lindsay Lohan"

This post was jointly written by Jason Busch and Tony Poshek.

It turns out that the speeding ticket you got while cruising on the 101 might come back to bite you from South of the border. Well, at least according to some AM radio talk show hosts in California who exposed that "The Orange County Superior Court in California is outsourcing the processing of traffic tickets to a California company that sends the information through a Nogales, Mexico, subsidiary, raising public concerns of identity theft and complaints of language problems that allegedly lead to months of administrative errors in processing paperwork." Hmmm ... from a Spend Management perspective, we'd rather have a bunch of hard working Mexicans crunching numbers and issuing follow-up citations for less money than someone from the shoot-em-up side of LA -- wait a second, the whole city is the shoot-em-up side -- who poses an even greater threat when it comes to stealing confidential information (at least in our book). Or perhaps not. That's just our opinion, but maybe we're paying too much.

Jason Busch

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