The Chinese Product Police: Keeping Bedrooms Safe Around the World …

According to a story posted on the Reuters wire (hat-tip: Tony Poshek),"Chinese police have seized more than a tonne of fake drugs for impotence, bird flu and malaria, including at least 18,000 fake Viagra tablets, state media reported Wednesday." One wonders what was in the counterfeit Viagra that Chinese authorities seized before it hit the local and export shelves. But perhaps the more important question to ask is what type of partner development activities folks who use such medicinals actually engage in to begin with. After all, spousal development is a bit like supplier development -- there's no magical pill to keep things chugging along (and don't get me started on the partner "tiering" or risk monitoring angles to this). Who knows, perhaps the fake placebo might have a similar effect to the real thing. At least after a Sing Tao. Or two.

Jason Busch

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