Vote Your Favorites! Minahan's Jargon and Cliché Watch

Tim Minahan beat me to the punch on an excellent idea -- creating a complete compendium of clichés and jargon associated with our little corner of the corporate universe. I mean, how we use terms like "lean" and "best value sourcing" with a straight face, I'll never know. But we do. So check out Tim's initial list of 39 terms (in honor of his lovely wife's birthday) and the other additions yours truly and the regular set of RSS faces you're used to reading have made. And vote your favorites in his comments section. Personally, my all time winning cliché is "FreeMarketed", a term that has faded because FreeMarkets is no longer around in name. If you're curious, it was a term suppliers used to describe how they felt after a reverse auction, as in "I've been FreeMarketed."

Jason Busch

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