They're Locked in the Ivory Tower for a Reason

Earlier this spring, I had the chance to give a presentation on the future of procurement and supply chain technologies to a bunch of procurement executives from the Ivy League and Big Ten schools. It was a cordial gathering, yet I could tell from the group that in general, most of these non-profit institutions did not feel the same pressure to reduce costs and do more with less like their counterparts in the private sector. Nevertheless, ever since that night, I've been paying closer attention to procurement-related headlines coming out of academia. And one that Tony Poshek passed along to me a couple of weeks back is absolutely hilarious.

Apparently, MiraCosta College "has been charged almost $200,000 by [an] investigator hired to probe [a} campus palm-tree scandal that began in February 2006." What's the issue you ask? It turns out that the college's only loss from the scandal was $305. That's right, three hundred bucks and someone in the administration -- and procurement, by extension -- has managed to run up bills with a private investigator for more than what it costs to license a solid e-sourcing platform for years. I suppose that it's no surprise that MiraCosta is not looked at in the same light as Arizona State, Michigan State, or Georgia Tech when it comes to its procurement and supply chain academic programs ...

Jason Busch

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