Bon Voyage …

This weekend, I head out on vacation for a week and plan to stay completely disconnected from the online world. I've promised my family that I really will unplug completely (that this is the first time in nearly four years since launching Azul Partners that I'll leave the grid). That's right. No work. No phone. No blogging. The location should help as well. I'm headed up to farm country in Wisconsin. And we're leaving prepared. I'm packing up the family minivan with enough canned goods, bottled water and ammo to supply an army that could overrun a small European country. Or France, on a good day.

On a more serious note, I'll confess that even though the place we're renting does have WIFI, I'm going to try to stay as disconnected as possible (and won't be reachable by phone). But if you're a regular Spend Matters reader, have no fear. I've queued up a number of thought provoking new posts ahead of time, as well as created a few that link to some of my favorites from the first half of this year. So keep frequent watch on Spend Matters, checking in at your normal times. I might not be able to respond to your comments as quickly as I'd like, but rest assured I'll try to stay as current with the site as possible.

Jason Busch

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