A Geeks Data Dream …

My wife once referred to me as a geek trapped in an aspiring athlete's body. Now, there's probably something to that (though in my attempt to break a five-minute mile this fall, I'm hoping to wipe the "aspiring" part of that away for good). But she's right about the fact that I'm proud to wear the geek moniker. Because after all, there's nothing wrong with loving data and numbers -- just as long as you can sort through them and know which ones to zero in on.

When I was in the office the other day, Tony Poshek tipped me off to a fascinating geek numbers site that constantly updates information on such areas as world population, births, deaths, U.S. Illegal immigration, oil produced, and cars produced. Now, I'll admit the site is more useful for its entertainment value rather than a more practical nature. But in the procurement and supply chain world today, far too few practitioners take a macro perspective on the issues. Far too many of us are buried in the day-to-day details of our jobs to step up an look at the big picture. That's why I always suggest in my presentations to practitioners that if you have the time to read only one source of information out there, The Economist is a far better use of your time than Purchasing or even this blog.

Jason Busch

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