Spend Matters Navigator — It's Alive!

Everyone coming to Spend Matters today will see a slightly modified UI as well as an entirely new relational navigation capability. What is this all about? Click "Navigator" to find out. In short, Spend Matters Navigator is an entirely new research -- and soon to be community -- site that indexes analyst reports, trade publications, and blogs related to Spend Management. In addition, Spend Matters Navigator also enables the ability to search multiple supplier databases as well for supplier identification (we've started with Thomas Global, but will soon be adding others as well).

The content index behind Spend Matters Navigator is growing every hour of everyday (sometimes there's a lag of a few hours or longer before new information is indexed). And it goes back at least a couple of weeks for some sources (and years for others, already). Our goal is nothing short of becoming the standard research portal and site for everything Spend Management. Above all, in this early launch phase, please remember that Spend Matters Navigator is a work in progress. But start playing around with it and see what you think. I hope it becomes as or more invaluable than the Spend Matters blog itself!

Jason Busch

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