Spend Matters: Approaching Post Number 1500

Sometime in the next month or so, Spend Matters will surpass 1,500 posts. By my estimations, that somewhere around 500,000 words I've written in just under three years (the current clip is up around 250,000 words per year -- we started more slowly!) Now, unfortunately, I'm not like Charles Dickens -- I don't get paid by the individual word. But you could say that I do believe that it is difficult to capture the essence of what's going on in the Spend Management world in just a few sentences every day. That's why I've focused on both volume and -- hopefully, depending on your perspective -- quality. Going forward, we'll continue down this same path, staying open and free with the content. But I must say I was intrigued by the new business model that Tom Foremski introduced on Silicon Valley Watcher.

Tom recently invited his readers to "subscribe to my 10K Silicon Valley Watcher Deal Flow Newsletter -- launching soon." This letter will cost $10K per year and will be exclusive. Only 100 subscriptions will be available. It's a curious model, but one I'd say that is closer to old school journalism and research than blogging. Personally, I could never take Spend Matters in that direction because the purpose of scoop, in my view, is to share it and have others offer up their own opinion. But then again, I'm not a journalist -- never have been, never will be. Sure, I've worked for most of my adult life moonlighting as a columnist and editor -- and respect the paid circulation world -- but I don't have it in me to charge for a premium edition of Spend Matters content. Call me dumb or visionary, but I believe that on the Internet, information wants to be free.

Jason Busch

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