Spend Matters: The Best From the Past ( Part 1)

Given the fast pace of the blogosphere, it can be easy to forget the better posts of the past. That's because individual blog entries can get buried nearly as fast as they crop up. But as a tribute to the early days on Spend Matters and some of the more useful -- and fun -- insights from yesteryear, I'd suggest you check out some of the earlier posts. Below are two links to use as a jumping off point.

The first post links to the following Spend Matters entries: Spend Management Family Values, What is the Spend Manager Made Of, Are Spend Management and Supply Chain Becoming One, Spend Management Lessons George Will Take to Siebel, Booz Misses the Boat, and A little Fun ... Spend Management Tips for Wine Collecting.

The second post links to these posts: The Dollar, Euro and Yuan: A Spend Management Perspective, SAP, Ariba and Applistructure, When a Supplier is Really a Partner, Spend Management: The Future of M&A?, An Essay: Is Spend Management Strategic, and Spend Management: Technology or Strategy.

Later this week, I'll post a link to some additional older posts worth revisting as well. Enjoy!

Jason Busch

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