Globalization and Supply Management: How Do you Stack Up?

I just learned that Tim Minahan and Andrew Reece are collaborating on a Supply and Demand Chain Executive survey that promises to bring the analytical rigor that Tim brought with him originally to Aberdeen. The study, which will tackle globalization issues and supply management, focuses on such issues as "hidden risks and costs of negotiating and managing suppliers in emerging markets" and "the role of technology in global supply and contract management". Participants will receive a free copy of the study, and one winner will also get a free pass to Procuri's shindig, Empower 2007. What's the catch, you ask? You've only one day left to participate. So get yourself over to the survey ASAP! Incidentally, I find this study especially curious, as it shows that vendors are more than capable of working with trade publications to create their own set of benchmarks, bypassing analysts and consultants. Kudos to Tim and Andy for getting together on this. We all need more hard data to make the best procurement and supply chain decisions.

Jason Busch

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