Three Approaches to Using Spend Matters Navigator

If you're new to Spend Matters Navigator and are curious about how best to zero-in on relevant procurement and operations content, here are three simple ways to get started:

1. Content search -- If you're interested in researching a specific content topic (e.g., strategic sourcing or a specific vendor), simply click on a navigation link (i.e., a "facet") on the left. You can also include multiple terms in a query string by adding different facets into the same search. Then you can narrow the returns by choosing specific content sources. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can also type your search topic in the box on the upper right. But the advantage of searching on an established facet is that each search will return content not only on the specific term but also related concepts and topics. Using the facet lets you tap into built-in intelligence and expert context in the search.

2. Source-specific search -- To search within a specific source -- or to use Spend Matters Navigator as a RSS or other content reader -- simply click on the source from the main page (e.g., Spend Matters Blog). The navigation and search experience will be self-explanatory, and you'll be able to narrow down criteria within your source by using the facets or by using the date slider at the top of the page.

3. Supplier search -- To conduct a supplier search, simply click on the source you want to search or navigate by facet on the left hand side of the screen. This will also bring up relevant content of interest on commodity trends as well (depending on how you structure the search). Initially, Spend Matters Navigator has focused on supplier search for direct materials. Look for many more additions -- both new content sources and indirect / services search -- later this year.

Jason Busch

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